Car Remap

CAR and SUV Remapping For Petrol and Diesel Engines

Turbo/supercharged Petrol and Diesel engines achieve the best results from ECU remapping. NA engines can be tuned also and can be worth doing, but peak performance figures are far smaller than their forced induction counterparts


Save fuel with a remap. Our award winning custom software is unique to Viezu, and offers such good fuel savings possibilities that even some of Europe’s largest fleets are using it to lower costs and Co2 emissions. British Telecoms fleet of over 24,000 vehicles use BlueOptimize to save millions each year on fuel costs.


The ever so popular choice for those who want that extra ‘oomph’ but need to keep fuel economy in mind too. The VBLEND option is a perfect mix of both economy & performance bundled into one map. This option is again available for turbo diesel engines. Extremely popular choice in 4×4’s such as the Range Rover/Discovery , Touareg, BMW X5’s and Mercedes such as this ML420CDI pictured above


Many of you want or need to get the most power gains from your car. This map is for the ultimate driving pleasure, with the widest possible power band, most aggressive power delivery and of course the highest peak gains of any map choice. But don’t be fooled into thinking this is unsafe, remember that all Viezu remaps are within the design limits of each engine, and are backed up with insurance and guarantee.