Performance tuning is available for almost all vehicles, Cars, Vans, Jeeps, Trucks, Tractors, Buses and even Boats. We can increase performance bhp and torque by as much as 40% in some vehicles. Most vehicles can be tuned using software only, meaning no mechanical changes need to be made to the vehicle. If you are not delighted with your performance gains, we can return your vehicle to standard at any time, plus refund your money in full inside 30 days.



Our famous BlueOptimize software is used by fleets and private motorists to save fuel, and lower emissions. Custom tuning for fuel economy doesn’t mean sacrificing performance, in fact, we often improve overall performance in vehicles whilst saving them fuel. Our Vblend tuning option offers drivers a mixture of both fuel economy and performance at the same time.



Many ECU types need to be removed from the vehicle in order to modify the software for tuning. This process is carried out at our workshop bench, and is in very capable hands. Bench tuning will take longer to do and depends on the vehicle, but we will notify you on how long the job should take to complete.


This tuning is done via the vehicles on board diagnostic port. It enables us to tune the vehicle without the need to remove the ECU. The process generally takes about one hour to complete, and is available for most vehicles except some of the latest generation ECU’s.


KessV2 and Ktag Tuning Tools

If you are looking to start your own remapping business, we can provide you with genuine Alientech KessV2 OBD tool and Ktag bench tool for tuning all types of vehicles. Once you purchase your tool, we can then train you how to use the tool correctly and connect to vehicle ECU’s. We then provide you will all your tuning remaps at very competitive prices, and ensure you provide the best quality remap tuning service for your customers.



We have the latest diagnostic equipment available to cover all makes and models which allows us to accurately diagnose your vehicle. We can solve problems much more efficiently and cut out the guess work so you don’t end up paying to fix problems that weren’t there in the first place, and spend several days without your car.



We carry out professional full services on all cars, vans and jeeps.



We diagnose and solve electrical problems in vehicles.



Terraclean – Regain lost performance, restore fuel economy, lower emissions and extend engine life. Cleaning your engine from carbon build up protects the engine and components from damage caused by carbon / soot build up. Feel a smoother running engine, crisper acceleration, improved cold starts.



A Diesel Particulate filter (DPF) is a filter in the exhaust system of diesel engines for catching carbon/soot, reducing the emissions output of the vehicle. These filters regularly block due to a number of reasons and leave your car in ‘limp mode’ with the engine management light on. Replacing these filters can cost in excess of €1000, but we can unblock, clean and regenerate the filter for a fraction of that cost. We also diagnose the reason the DPF blocked in the first place, helping you to prevent this problem occurring again.

Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) is another problematic emissions system. It recirculates burned exhaust gases back into the engine, lowering Nox emissions. The EGR valve often blocks up, or worse the inlet manifold blacks up also. Our EGR cleaning service not only cleans the EGR valve, but cleans the intakes system, and also cleans down the exhaust side and the veins in the turbo, which almost always leaves a noticeable improvement in performance.



We supply fuel treatment/additives for you to add to your fuel yourself with continued use to help maintain performance, fuel economy and protect your engine.