At Viezu, we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality remaps to our customers. Viezu internationally remap over 5000 vehicles every month. Hundreds of hours and large investment into research and development ensures our remaps are of the highest standard. 

However, clients of Viezu must understand clearly that a vehicle of higher age, poor service history, excessive mileage or has exceeded the manufacturers warranty will without doubt experience some type of failure to many of it’s components in the lifetime of the vehicle. Wear and tear items have an expected lifespan, but some will last either much shorter or longer than this estimated time frame. Some examples of these components are ‘Turbo, clutch, flywheel, injectors, diesel particular filter (DPF), Exhaust gas re-circulation valve (EGR) and many more mechanical and electronic components. 

Viezu remaps can not be immediately held responsible for future failures of components such as the above mentioned. If there is a valid case and proven cause of failure by one of our remaps, we have a claims procedure in place in which case an independent assessment will take place. (Please contact to receive ‘Insurance request form’) 

Vehicles with over 120,000 km recorded on the instrument panel do not qualify for our insurance claims procedure. Vehicles with mileage over this amount are deemed extremely likely to have multiple failures due to weakened components, and can fail at any given time. A failure of any component which happens soon after our remap has been installed is deemed coincidental, or possibly a pre existing fault which has been highlighted by a performance increase on the vehicle. 

All vehicles over the 120,000 km limit do not apply for our insurance claim proceedure. 

Viezu technologies Ireland Ltd. will not be liable for any damages to vehicles over this mileage limit.

Viezu technologies Ireland Ltd. will not be held liable for damages to a vehicle which are not independently assessed and proven to be the direct result of our product or workmanship.