Viezu are highly experienced in working with fleet operators to save fuel and lower emissions. Some of the largest fleets in the world use BlueOptimize™ fuel saving software and all have seen an immediate impact, with a return on investment within the first 6 months. Fuel savings and CO2 reduction are not the only reasons fleets choose BlueOptimize™ , but the protection it can offer their vehicles by the use of throttle limiting, rev limiting and speed limiting. Rev limiting for example ensures drivers cannot over rev or abuse the vehicles, gear changes are therefore more economical thus protecting the engine, and saving fuel. Obviously, ensuring less aggressive driving behavior as well as limiting the top speed has a massive impact on safety too. Limiting the engines rpm doesn’t ruin drive-ability, in fact BlueOptimize™ in most cases improves performance in the lower rpm meaning heavier payloads are easier managed, and drivers always report a much nicer and more comfortable vehicle to drive. 

Viezu’s Special Projects Team is dedicated to working with Fleet Operators and Driver Trainers, providing solutions through research and development to help reduce fuel bills and lower vehicle emissions.
There is no fleet too small or too large for Viezu. We have a dedicated fleet team in Ireland to support all fleets and install BlueOptimize anywhere in Ireland. . We cater for all vehicle types, and different vehicle uses so we can custom tailor each vehicle to suit your exact needs.  Viezu operate in 64 different countries around the world and have a support network of over 600 dealers.

BlueOptimize™ your fleet and see the benefits

1. Save up to 20% on your fuel costs
2. Reduce emissions up to 20%
3. Zero proven impact on warranty and zero impact on residual value
4. No mechanical modifications to the engine
5. Minimal downtime for busy vehicles – installation usually in less than 1 hour
6. Eradicate poor driving behavior and vehicle misuse.
7. Return on investment within 6 months or less
8. No on-going maintenance fees – only fuel save monitoring
9. Reset vehicle to standard at any time
10. Guaranteed instantaneous fuel saving with a no obligation free trial

Used by some of the largest fleet operators in the world. Guaranteed savings on fuel with free trials to show potential.

Case Study – British Telecoms

Viezu – Approved and partnered with BT Fleet to tune 24,000 vehicles, delivering an estimated £million fuel saving per year.

“BT is committed to being a responsible and sustainable business leader, so remapping our vehicles for economy and better environmental performance makes complete sense. It’s not just these benefits which make it appealing. Once we saw what was technically possible we crunched the numbers and the business case also stacked up.”

Steve Watson

Senior Innovation and Design Specialist, BT Fleet