Why Viezu?

Why choose Viezu to tune your pride and joy?

So we know there are many tuning providers out there, some good, some not so good, and some just plain disastrous. Unfortunately, this is how the industry is today, and it can be very difficult to find a trustworthy ‘business’ who can reliably tune your car safely, and to your requirements. There should be no downside to having your car remapped, and when done properly in the hands of professionals, there simply is no downside. Greater performance and improved fuel economy with no adverse effects are results you should expect when you pay money to have your car remapped, so not achieving that is not good enough. Viezu stand by the job we do, with a full money back guarantee if you the customer are not absolutely delighted with the results.

Viezu are industry leaders for many reasons, and have won numerous awards already in the automotive industry and enterprise. Viezu tune over 5000 vehicles every month, supporting over 600 dealers worldwide, several race teams, other tuning companies and some of the largest fleet operators in the world.

Viezu have a £5 million insurance policy covering our remaps for added peace of mind. Viezu stands apart from other ECU tuning providers as our insurance is independently underwritten and covers all the file writing and tuning services we provide.

We are independently audited by the British Standards Institute to ensure we continue to meet the quality standards expected of us.

Household names choose Viezu: 

BlueOptimize, the award winning fuel economy product unique to Viezu is used by British Telecoms fleet of over 24,000 vehicles, along with other household names such as British gas, Homeserve, and many many more. It’s Viezu’s reputation and sheer quality of work which draws such large corporations to trust in Viezu, leading us to be by far the biggest remap provider in the industry. 

How are Viezu such a cut above the rest? 

Well it all comes down to the people at Viezu, the thousands of hours spent on research and development, measuring and testing and sheer commitment to guarantee the absolute premium quality service for our customers. R&D is extremely extensive, and the proof is in the results. Viezu remaps are widely recognized as the best in the industry, and are not to be compared with other forms of remapping. 

Viezu’s test and measurement facility is equipped to process the latest specification Euro 6 vehicles and emissions testing machinery. At the heart of the center is a 3000bhp rolling road enabling the setting of various drive cycles to support development and emissions testing for up to 7 different gas analysis including NOx and SOx. 

In simple terms you have complete peace of mind where Viezu tuning is concerned.  As an ISO 9001:2008 registered organisation, we track the quality of our work, complaints and issues Customers receive access to their R&D data and for further peace of mind.